South Korean Pantsless Bears Seething at Deregulation of Adultery

South Korean Pantsless Bears Seething at Deregulation of Adultery

If you heard a roar of anguish and pain coming from the general direction of Korea yesterday, fear not.  It was not an atomic bomb from the somewhat volatile North.  Unfortunately for many a Pantsless Bear, the dating game just got a little harder.

There is one thing that can play into a Pantless Bear’s favour once he reaches a certain age – numbers. In younger years, when more people are single, the competition is fierce and the Pantsless Bear’s flawed-but-often-ultised dating equation (Dinner+Movie+PopCorn+Attention+Manners=Sex) yields poor results. The prospects significantly improve when the eligible bachelors snapping up the eligible young women start to settle down and the competition for single women decreases.  This is even more pronounced if the now-taken men remain faithful. This is why South Korea’s archaic 60 year old law against adultery gave Bears hope.

One may think that the removal of such a law would have little observable impact on the dating scene but if the latest reports that share prices of condom manufacturers have soared since the law was passed (see Condom Maker Extends Gains After South Korea Scraps Adultery Law) are true then times just got tough for our beloved bears.

The sudden scotching of the law suddenly fills the dating market (albeit surreptitiously) with stallions suffering from a seven year itch.  Which means many a success starved Pantsless Bear has been hit with another wave of existential angst as an already perilous pursuit of romance just got that bit harder.

Psy is reportedly married.