Unrealistic Dating Depictions In Fiction: Cinderella (2015)

Unrealistic Dating Depictions In Fiction: Cinderella (2015)

We all know this story. Poor peasant girl, who is treated cruelly by her upper class stepmother and stepdaughters, marries handsome prince. Disney hasn’t changed the story at all.

There are four clear messages in this one:

  1. even a commoner can find their way out of the humdrum existence most of us are doomed to and marry a handsome and noble prince and live happily ever after;
  2. the cruel people in society get their comeuppance;
  3. fate or magic will intervene if need be;
  4. chasing a woman to literally every house in a country when she doesn’t give you her details is not creepy at all.

This tale has been ruining lives for centuries and must be stopped.

A Commoner Can Marry A Noble Prince

This prince is one of the most desirable men on the face of the planet (which at the stage the story is told might be flat) and the fate of a nation depends on him. ‘Ah-hah!’ say the romanticists. Prince Edward married Wallis Simpson, a divorcee, and they lived happily every after. It’s completely realistic. Yes, except that Edward abdicated and was hardly a noble prince – he was an entitled prick with a Peter Pan complex and a penchant for married women and possibly mother issues. ‘But what about Kate Middleton, the people’s princess!?’ they cry. Heir to a multi-million dollar business empire and attendee of Malborough College? Hardly a commoner, despite the media narrative.

Let’s face it, the ‘handsome prince’ is in real life more likely to be a Prince Charles type. The future of his empire is at stake here – he would marry for duty and take the servant girl on as a mistress for 20 or 30 years until his wife has an ‘accident’. By then she’d rather bonk his sons. Unfortunately, many girls take this as gospel and if informs many of their dating expectations. Many women will expect their fair prince to sweep them off their feet and are disappointed to find that rich handsome men are mostly jerks and they will most likely have to make do with your average Joe.

The Comeuppance Of The Cruel

This will never happen and is in fact a fiction spread by the wealthy to maintain the illusion before the masses that they are equal before the law. These people are in fact lizards (did you notice the fairy godmother converted a pair of lizards into horsemen?) and rule over us with an iron fist. You just don’t know it.

Fate or Magic Will Intervene

When the odds are stacked against you and your great love, fate will intervene and you will be united with them. It is in fact just a tacky plot device no doubt scrambled together by the author of Cinderella because he had a publishing deadline. He had painted himself into a corner, as I have with this blog, and needed to pull a rabbit out of a hat to finish the story. It reinforced to the masses the notion that if they keep doing what they are doing, everything will be fine when in fact if you keep doing what you are doing (working hard in a low paid job and copping your lot in life) you will retire at 65 looking 85 with a husband you don’t love and a mountain of debt.

Over The Top Romantic Gestures Are Ok

The prince, despite having every woman in several kingdoms ready to roll in the hay with him, is obsessed with one girl and she is thrilled when, despite not having left contact details for him, he scours every household in the kingdom and has every maiden try Cindy’s shoe on. If you wonder why you hear stories about guys who share photos of girls they gave directions to at Paddington Station online and spark massive online hunts, only to be slapped with a restraining order and an unofficial ‘do not have intercourse with this male’ edict online, look no further than Cinderella. Thanks Disney, another generation of lives ruined.

That said, Cate Blanchett is quite good.