Are You a Smiling Sociopath?

Are You a Smiling Sociopath?

After my co-author at The Bear decided to air some of my dirty laundry by making an outrageous claim that I was in some way responsible for the emotional meltdowns experienced by those who have been associated with me, I thought I’d respond with a quick little post relating to a particular type of sociopath that you might come across in your life.

The smiling sociopath.

Some sociopaths, through a relentless pursuit of their own agenda and masterful manipulation of their friends and family manage to escape the scrutiny and ostracisation that other sociopaths experience in their lives. They are very dangerous.

They are otherwise known as a high functioning sociopath. Most sociopaths are found out quickly. People realise that they have an agenda and that their behaviour is creepy and cruel. They are then not invited to any events and is ex-communicated by the group.

The smiling sociopath however, treats everything and everyone around them as a joke. They’re almost always male, they don’t take social situations seriously and are prone to making massive errors in judgment at events. The smiling sociopath is the guy who makes jokes to people, about those people.

For example:

  • The smiling sociopath is the guy who makes a ‘corpse joke’ at a funeral
  • The smiling sociopath is the guy who alludes to the bride’s weight during his best man’s speech
  • The smiling sociopath is the guy who, after noticing his best friend’s overweight girlfriend didn’t come to his birthday party makes a claim that she’s probably ‘orbiting the house.’
  • The smiling sociopath is the guy who asks a feminist, while she’s arguing against the objectification of women, if she likes him.
  • The smiling sociopath is the guy who moons his best friend’s girlfriend while he comforts her after she became upset with one of the sociopath’s inappropriate jokes.

The dangerous thing about smiling sociopaths is that they’re funny, and despite how cruel or poorly timed the joke may be, there will always be a few people who will laugh. And through these people, the sociopath manages to get invited to more events and infect other harmonious social groups with his jokes to them, about them.

Smiling sociopaths divide groups. This is perhaps their most effective function, and they’re very good at it. Without even realising that they’re doing it, smiling sociopaths will form alliances with the people who laugh at his jokes, against the people who don’t. This inevitably destroys the group. The sociopath, after reviewing the destruction, makes no apologies and moves on to the next group, taking his newfound alliance along for the ride, up to the point where he ends up splitting the alliance with more jokes. Because the sociopath’s personality is so powerful, like a virus, one drop of him into a social group and before long, the group’s entire immune system begins to fail.

Smiling sociopaths can be quite endearing however and people are usually quick to ally with them. They are also notoriously difficult to erase. Throughout their (oftentimes short) lives, smiling sociopaths make countless enemies through their jest, and these words remain long after the sociopath has left the group, or departed from this world. Even after an aggrieved party murders the sociopath, his jokes will typically live on in the mind of the person, echoing in his skull, resulting in a lifetime of intensive psychotherapy.

Smiling sociopaths defend their actions by claiming that:

  1. They’re just having a laugh
  2. People need to stop taking themselves so seriously
  3. They’re just saying the things that no one else will say.

Unfortunately, they’re probably right.