When a Narcissist Gets Sick

When a Narcissist Gets Sick

Narcissists dream like we all do, however while most people dream of a happy life with a beautiful family and a dream job, narcissists tend to dream of a life where they can access an unlimited amount of what is often referred to as ‘narcissistic supply.’

Narcissistic supply, in it’s simplest terms, is attention, acceptance and appreciation from others. As we’ve observed in a previous post, narcissists are deeply, deeply unhappy and spend their lives actively seeking out sources of narcissistic supply to artificially raise their levels of happiness for a short time.

Narcissistic supply is all that a narcissist desires. The narcissist values supply more than money, relationships, success and happiness. The activities the they undertake, the relationships they form, the places they go and the careers they choose all serve to provide sources of narcissistic supply. The more sources of supply, the happier and more secure the narcissist becomes in their life. When supply dries up, the narcissist, like any addict, becomes angry, irrational, irritable and ultimately miserable.

Ways To Secure Supply

Money and success provide a good amount of supply as the narcissist’s friends and acquaintances will admire and envy them.

Good looks and attractiveness are also handy for the narcissist as they also attract admiration and envy.

Travelling overseas generally proves beneficial for the narcissist as they will be able to manipulate people and build new sources of supply without the skeletons from their past exposing them.

Becoming famous is probably one of the best ways to gather endless sources of supply.

But the best form of narcissistic supply cannot be brought about by money and success. This form of narcissistic supply is probably the strongest and most potent in the known universe.

And it happens when the narcissist gets sick.

Acquiring a terminal illness is the narcissist’s dream. Nothing can match the love and adoration that a debilitating illness like cancer provides, and much like cancer, this love will spread to everyone the narcissist has ever known. All of the sudden the narcissist’s life will be flooded with the best kind of supply. This is the supply of ‘people feeling sorry’ and nothing can equal that feeling for the narcissist.

Narcissists are also incredibly paranoid and live in constant fear that people are talking about them behind their back. Falling ill is the perfect way to prevent anyone bitching about them. There is a taboo in society not to criticise or complain about the behaviour or the personality of a sick person. 

The Behaviours of a sick Narcissist:

Narcissists use social media to promote themselves and their illness, constantly reminding their friends how ‘sick’ they are. Here are some examples of some facebook comments that you might notice. 

‘Such a beautiful day, it’s a shame I’ve got 6 hours of radiation therapy to get thru lol!’ #cancerlyf 

‘Vomiting all night.. for a change! lol!’ #stomachcancerlyf #6weekstolive #yolo

‘Bleeding from my mouth, anus and nostrils! lol’ #necrotizingfasciitis #flesheatingbacterialyf #24hourstolive #intensivecare

These comments on Facebook will attract hundreds of ‘likes’ (on Facebook, narcissistic supply comes in the form of ‘likes’) and comments from concerned friends and sycophants who will say things along the lines of ‘I love you, you’re such an inspiration,’ ‘thinking of you xx’ and ‘be strong.’ These are usually the same people who have despised the narcissist for years.

If the supply begins to dry up, they will step up their efforts to secure the love and adoration they desire. The narcissist will do this by uploading confronting images of themselves in hospital. In some of these images the narcissist will be hooked up to life support machines and drips. Others might be selfies taken in the operating theatre before the narcissist goes under the knife for brain surgery.

Most people who suffer from a serious illness deal with their situation in a beautifully dignified way. They don’t want people feeling sorry for them, they don’t want love and adoration, they simply want to fight their disease with support from their close friends and family and live a regular life. They cultivate a wonderful perspective and inspire others with their mindful approach to life.

Narcissists don’t.

Narcissists simply see an illness as an opportunity to access an infinite reservoir of supply.

If the narcissist is lucky, they will eventually die from the illness, thus securing their legacy as a ‘greatly loved person.’

The narcissist’s life’s work will then be complete.