Signs It's Time To Make It Official

Signs It’s Time To Make It Official

So you’ve met someone you’re particularly keen on and you’re starting to think it’s time to lock it in. Here are some pointers to make sure you don’t mistime it and end up in existential hell.

You know them. It seems pretty simple but the number of people who want to lock someone down after two dinners never ceases to amaze us at the Bear! Make sure you know them well because they might be hard to get rid of later.

You’ve shagged them. If you’re having sex and it’s good, consider making it official. If you’re a guy and you try to make it official before having sex with her, expect her to simply stop replying to your texts.

They appear to be stable. Nutcases are hard to spot. Ted Bundy was a hit with the ladies before he stabbed, pummeled and raped them. Bill Cosby is married. Presumably consensually. Make sure they aren’t nuts before you lock them in.

They have a healthy relationship with food. My co-writer knows all too well the perils of dating someone who is prone to a food binge. While they are single they will keep it in check. However, Relationship=comfort=surplus calories. If they indulge when they’re single, they’ll bulge when they’re taken.

You don’t have your eyes on someone else. If you fancy someone else, don’t make it official with someone in the meantime just because your desired is unavailable.  If you’re tempted now you’ll be tempted later and it will only end in tears.

They don’t have their eyes on someone else. If you think they’d prefer someone else, abort. It will end badly.

Any more tips on when you should male it official? Let us know!