Why No One Is Reading Your Dating Blog

Why No One Is Reading Your Dating Blog

After six months of burning bridges with our nearest and dearest by expressing our opinions on dating via The Pantsless Bear, we consider ourselves something of an authority on dating blogs and not having stuff being read…Only to have some pervert from Vietnam read 187 of our articles in an afternoon and pump our numbers up (yes, our stats are that specific). So if your dating blog is struggling for numbers, read on.

It’s about you

Most dating blogs out there are effectively just diaries of the single life focusing on the experiences and feelings of the blogger. Most have taken their cues straight from Sex And The City and keep the focus entirely on their experiences, typically replete with nicknames for their dates like ‘Mr Taco’ and ‘Dolce and Gabana’. No one is reading your blog to hear about you. They want to hear about themselves. Offer broader insights and focus on what your reader will take from your article.

For example, ‘for our second date, Green Sweater took me to to Georgia’s for cocktails but all night I all I could think about was my hot kiss with Hipster Hottie on Thursday’ could easily translate to…actually just scrap it and write an article about what a girl’s text messages mean or something. I thought this one could turn into something but on reflection it’s beyond salvation.

You overshare

To be clear:

  • no one wants to imagine you washing your genitalia before a date; and
  • graphic depictions of intercourse are infinitely less erotic when you know they are coming from a real person.

I don’t care about a Victoria’s Secret model’s pre-date hygiene regime, let alone yours. Keep it in your head or on paper. Not online. It’s disgusting.

You don’t market

Do not adopt the ‘build it and they will come’ approach to your dating blog. Some believe that if the quality is there, people will find it. There is so much shit on the Internet these days that no one is any chance to find you if you don’t put it out there. Link to social media, engage with other bloggers and promote a little.

Wishing you all the worst of luck.