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I’m genuinely going to try and address Emma’s main point and avoid going after ‘the man,’ (sorry, the person).

Emma is one of those people actively trying to destroy the arts through her insistence that political correctness should come before quality of filmmaking. She doesn’t seem to fundamentally understand the purpose that the arts serve in our community.

Emma, in the world of the ‘arts,’ there are no rules. The arts world is a gritty place where people should be free to express themselves without reprisal. It’s what I love about real artists. They don’t give a shit if they offend anyone and they unashamedly express the thoughts and ideas that swim around in the dark recesses of their minds.

Emma (and many people like her) need to stop trying to clean up the arts. What she doesn’t seem to realise is that her insistence on gender equality actually makes it harder for talented filmmakers to be noticed.

We all know that the state of the Australian film industry is dire. Therefore, all that should matter is that talented filmmakers find suitable avenues to have their work seen. Film festivals shouldn’t be ticking boxes to keep the PC police happy. I recently expressed my joy in an opinion piece about the death of Tropfest. I celebrated its demise because the only thing I truly care about in filmmaking is storytelling and I don’t feel that Tropfest rewarded quality storytelling. In film, all that matters is storytelling, irrespective of who the hell is telling the story. It doesn’t matter is a film is made by a man, a woman, a man who looks like a woman, a woman who used to be a man, a man who wants to be a woman, or a man who sleeps with a lot of women. A good story should always be recognised. Unfortunately, films like ‘Australia’ get made because people like Emma seem to believe in a clean, sterile and inoffensive society.

The arts are under attack from rabid, politically correct, left-leaning ‘liberal’ militants. These people become part of the arts because it’s cool to be part of the arts, because artists are open-minded and anti-establishment, and these people feel they are too. These are the same people who believe that the 9/11 planes were holograms, that the US government poisons the water supply and that ISIL is a legitimate sovereign state. These are the same people who demand for politically correctness in film but then whinge when the films suck.

These are the same people who secretly love Goodfellas and Fightclub.

We’re at the precipice of a potentially major conflict in the Middle East at the moment. A proxy war of sorts, between the West and Russia. If this thing escalates, it could get very bad, very quickly.

But when the world someday slips into an irreversible nuclear apocalypse, people like Emma Roberts will be sitting in bars arguing about the under-representation of women and the LGBT community in film while a billion children starve to death in Asia.