Proposing Without A Ring II

Proposing Without A Ring II

This post is going to address how broke men propose.

Proposing without a ring takes balls.

The idea of getting down on one knee and asking your partner to marry you for no other reason than your awesomeness is a bold move that few men can make.

Yet many men are forced to take this road to marriage due to a general lack of savings.

Here are some of the signs to look for that your partner may try and propose to you without a ring.

– He’ll pretend to experience a ‘shift in perspective’ after a health scare. So after your partner’s doctor removes a discoloured mole from his neck, he might decide that ‘nothing else matters more than life itself.’ He’ll use this excuse when he decides to propose to you without a ring, by saying, ‘honey, the important thing is that we get married as soon as possible. Who cares about anything else. I could have died recently. Let’s just get married.’ As soon as you say yes, he’ll suddenly lose his carefree charm and return to the ruminating, money-obsessed guy that you’ve known for a long time.

– He’ll try and avoid buying a ring by suggesting a cheap wedding. You’ll be watching The Hangover on the couch on night and he’ll pause the film and make a joke about ‘getting married in Vegas.’ You’ll both laugh, but what he’s actually doing is trying to determine whether you would actually be interested in a simple, Vegas wedding. He’ll then look at you with a serious look on his face and say, ‘what about it babe. Why don’t we just get married in Vegas.’ You’ll say, ‘sure, once I have a ring on my finger, we’ll discuss how we’re going to get married.’ His heart will sink as you unpause the DVD.

– He’ll feign a sense of spontaneity. He’s been planning on proposing for 5 years, but to avoid buying a ring, your partner will pretend to make the decision ‘on the spot.’ Randomly one day, you’ll go for a walk with him. He’ll then say, ‘let’s go on the London eye!’ You’ll be slightly confused because you know he hates heights but you’ll go along anyway. When you’re at the top of that big, soulless, Ferris wheel he’ll turn to you and say, ‘hey, why don’t we get married?’

– He’ll start ranting about the pointlessness of ‘vain material possessions.’ You’ll have never noticed this side to your partner. He’s leases a luxury car, owns 17 pairs of designer jeans and has a lifesize Darth Vader statue in his living room, but all of a sudden he’ll start trying to convince you that the pursuit of ‘material wealth’ is pointless and doesn’t lead to happiness. This will occur 6 months prior to the proposal and continue right up until the day he approaches you without a ring in his palm.

– He creates an illusion. Some men believe that ‘doing something with their hands’ while proposing without a ring is essential. It works like a magic trick as it creates an illusion to the effect of ‘my hands are full, therefore she’ll miss the fact that I’m ringless.’ If your partner hasn’t got a ring, he might propose to you while fixing the lawnmower, or while driving. The most common one however, is a proposal while he’s carrying 2 glasses of champagne. The male will go to the bar, buy the drinks, return to you, bend down on one knee and propose to you with a champagne in each hand. He’s assuming that you won’t notice the obvious fact that he hasn’t got a ring. This tactic works far better than proposing with nothing in your hands.

Remember, men will do almost anything to avoid buying a ring. The thought of shelling out thousands of dollars on an useless rock burns men to the core. The way around this is to simply not get married. But men are pressured by their pals (and their partners) to propose when they’re not necessarily prepared financially or mentally.

The advice we can give is to simply remember what’s important. If you don’t really want to get married in the traditional way (proposals, engagement parties, bucks parties etc), then be upfront with your partner about it, but remember that you can’t go half-way with marriage and if you want to get down on one knee, make sure you have a ring in your hand!