How To Get Girls To Reply On Tinder

How To Get Girls To Reply On Tinder

On paper Tinder is a single man’s paradise. Theoretically, you have access to an endless supply of single women to meet and all you should have to do is match, meet and copulate – right? In practice, many bears out there (including my co-author, who really should be the one writing this) find that they’ll match with a raft of eligible women only to find that when they message them they will not reply and/or unmatch them.

There are reasons for this. What you may be forgetting is that any half-way attractive girl on Tinder will match with hundreds of guys in no time. Most of these guys will send an opening message along the following lines:

  • ‘Hi!’
  • ‘Hey there, how are you?’
  • ‘a/s/l?’
  • ‘Wanna catch up?’
  • ‘Wanna f*ck?’

If your first message to a match is along these lines, there’s nothing to make you stand out from the crowd and in all likelihood you’ll drown. If you want to get a girl to reply you need to do something different.  Here’s the strategy we formulated.

Send a cheeky irreverent message to open up. Tinder is notorious for being a spam-bot haven so one example may be ‘are you a spamming bot? If so, how’s the wi-fi in Nigeria?’.  It’s disarming, shows you have a sense of humour and makes you more interesting than anyone else who’s used the above. When they reply, keep the gag going a while. For example, if they say ‘it’s great, are you thinking of visiting?’ try something like ‘maybe, once I’ve been released from prison’.  Eventually you can work your way into a conversation.

Please note that my co-author used this to great effect and even had some of his Tinder matches follow our blog, which now means that they know they were conned and will inevitably unmatch him soon. Don’t say we don’t give anything up for you people.

The other point is that if all of our readers start using it…well I suppose we don’t have that many but inevitably the same girl will get the same gag twice and crack it. Accordingly, don’t follow it verbatim. Mix it up a bit and just use it as a guide.