Men who threaten to punch other men

Men who threaten to punch other men

There are men who punch people.

Then there are men who talk to people.

Finally, there are men who talk about punching people, but don’t. In many ways, these are the worst kind.

When Hitler invaded Poland, he didn’t tell all his buddies about how he was going to do it and he didn’t stand around the Reichstag bragging to the girls that he was ‘armed and ready,’ and that ‘Poland better pull their head in or they’ll be sorry.’ He simply invaded. This is because aggressive men tend to act first and deal with the consequences later.

When an angry rugby player knocks a man out in a bar brawl he usually doesn’t threaten to do so first. He doesn’t tend to say, ‘you better keep away from my girlfriend or I’ll punch you in the face.’ He simply punches the man.

He sees, he gets angry, he punches.

Men who become ruthless dictators, who punch guys in bars, who physically abuse their partners and who engage in bitter road rage incidents are among the worst kind of human beings. Enslaved by their emotions, they bypass the better part of their brains (assuming they have a better part) when making decisions and essentially act ‘without thinking.’
Bars and nightclubs throughout the world are filled with these kinds of men.

But I’m not referring to these men. They’re arseholes. You know that and so do I.

I’m referring today to those men who threaten physical harm to others, but have never and would never act on it.

These men are otherwise known as pussies. The real kind.

Asserting one’s strength and masculinity through words alone is rather like propositioning someone for sex when you don’t have genitals. It makes absolutely no sense.

And yet men consistently use the threat of physical violence to intimidate and scare people. The underlying message is to warn others that they ‘mean business.’ Unfortunately these men don’t mean business. They’ve never meant business.

Men feel that by threatening to punch someone, it makes them just as aggressive and fearsome as the guy who actually punches someone.

Unfortunately for these men, this isn’t the case. It’s precisely why Napoleon was one of the most feared men in history whereas Kim Jong Un is, well.. a joke.

People who confront others verbally, stick to the facts and engage in meaningful dialogue towards a peaceful resolution are generally more courageous and confident than those who ignore the facts, take everything personally and decide that the best way to resolve a conflict is by telling everyone they’ll ‘clock’ their opponent in the face.

Dialogue should always be the path towards a solution to any conflict.

It takes balls to verbally confront someone with a grievance and those people who confront and challenge others with facts alone should be applauded. This may seem obvious but it really is alarming how many men we know threaten physical violence against others as a way to make themselves look tough.

Dealing with a pussy

The best way to deal with a pussy is to call his bluff. You might think that goading a man who threatens violence is dangerous because you could be wrong and he might knock you unconscious in one swift blow to the jaw.

But you can rest assured that he won’t.

Because he’s a pussy.