Why men play golf

Why men play golf

This is another post in our series about lying. At the Pantsless Bear, we’re not here to discuss the moral implications and consequences of lying about your life, we simply aim to expose the situations where lying is likely to take place and analyse the behaviours and underlying insecurities that dwell beneath the shiny surface of the liar’s face.

We’ve looked the the reason men go camping (to lie) and today we’re going to look at the reason men play golf (again, to lie).

It’s difficult to have dinner with a friend and keep the conversation light. Dinners typically take place indoors and in an intimate setting that allow for long and robust conversation.

This is the very reason why many men don’t have dinner together.

Men play golf.

Golf is a game enjoyed by people of all ages. Fundamentally, a weekend game of golf provides an opportunity for men to enjoy some social time with their friends in a picturesque outdoor setting.
But let’s have a deeper look at the game of golf.

Golf provides an opportunity for conversation, but prevents the conversation itself from getting too deep. This is because the conversation is almost always interrupted by a swing.

The ‘swing’ allows men to abruptly end a conversational thread without having to go into detail about what they were saying, making it anĀ ideal game for bullshit artists.

For example:
John: So they made me regional manager and gave me an 80k bonus
Rick: Wait, weren’t you already regional manager? I’m confused.
John: It’s your shot Rick.
Rick: Alright, you’re on!
John: Remember, relax the elbows.

The ‘swing’ will always save golfers when they get themselves stuck in a conversational ‘bunker’. Constant breaks in conversation effectively prevent anything from being discussed in detail, thus allowing golfers to fabricate glamourous stories about their lives without having to field any questions or be subjected to the kind of cross-examination that takes place during a dinner conversation.

Remember that people will always lie about their lives when they know they can get away with it, and golf provides the perfect opportunity for low-risk lying.