The Receding Bearline - When Men Lose Their Mojo

The Receding Bearline – When Men Lose Their Mojo

It’s hard for some to pick the point when a man has lost his mojo, but as night follows day there comes a point where a guy can go from slick man about town to honorary depressing old man.

Typically this occurs mid-20s to late thirties, when the body slows down a fraction and most people have settled into full-time jobs and long term relationships. All of a sudden a few extra kilos start to find their way onto a man’s frame and hairs start dropping off the scalp and sprouting from the nose and ears.

Suddenly realising that people in their early twenties think they’re old, some men will try to compensate by bragging about their jobs or exploits from their glory days and, despite being in long term relationships, will try to chat up random girls or co-workers to prove they’ve still got it. Despite this they’re more miserable than ever.

If they find themselves on the single scene it’s typically a disaster – their conceitedness and desperation lingers like the scent of stale cheese.

Here are our tips for staving off the loss of one’s mojo:

Accept Reality.

People age and youth is impossible to maintain forever. If you try to fight it, you wind up looking like John Travolta in American Crime Story. Accept that you are not as young as you were and that it’s not cool to hang out with lots of 18 year olds when you’re 35. There’s such a thing as ageing gracefully.

Put some effort in.

The physical side of the ‘Receding Bearline’ is easy enough to treat – cut unhealthy food, go for a run a few times a week and buy hair trimmers. If going bald, for God’s sake shave it off. A fit and healthy looking chrome domed 40 year old is far more appealing than a tubby, thinning 30 year old.

Do something you’re passionate about.

If you love film, start a film blog or make a short film. If you love music, write some or get to some concerts. If you love sport, take up a team sport or start a podcast about it Take up a language. Do not just go to work and then spend the rest of your time talking about work and money.

Exorcise your demons.

Stop spending time worrying about whether others think you are good enough and let go of past grudges. If you were dumped, cheated on or had a friend say something offensive about you ten years ago, let it go. There’s nothing wrong with having time to yourself but by spending all your time alone worrying about the people who wronged you in the past, you will become bitter and you will stink of bitterness.

Hang out with positive people.

Spend time with people whose company you enjoy and who you can have a laugh with. Stop hanging out with other legend-in-their-own-lunchtime types who spend all of their time indulging in the same obnoxious behaviours. If you find yourself single when you’re a bit past your prime, go out with people who just want to have fun.

Do not hang out with predatory males or people looking to prove to themselves they are still attractive. You will look as appealing as a pack of mentally challenged sex offenders on day release.