Are You A Brexit Denier?

Are You A Brexit Denier?

The #Brexit results are in…and the Brits have voted to leave the EU as though it were a much older husband with a gambling problem and a predilection for overweight prostitutes. As night follows day, howls of outrage hit the Twittersphere immediately .

The Bear tries to take a non-partisan view of these political things, but amongst our favourite Twitter comments are the following:

Brexit has been good for one thing: it has revealed every racist in your friends and family. Always better to know these things.’

… A day when the fear and anger of the older generation decided what’s best for your kids.’

Generational split of EU vote. 1.1% of voters die per year replaced by young voters. Brexit majority will go before 2018 effective date.

In short, those who voted #Brexit were immediately branded as old and out of touch, uneducated, stupid, racist or all of the above. Meanwhile, 500,000 ‘Remain’ supporters reportedly signed a petition ‘demanding’ a second vote, others called for a redivision of the electorate or for some older voters to be barred from voting and numerous B-Grade celebrities, clearly smarting from having put the house on the wrong horse, threatened to move to other countries. These people are #Brexit Deniers.

The reality is that, whether you like it or not, this wasn’t a Zimbabwean/Russian/Iraqi vote where 6,000,000 of a 2,000,000-strong population ‘votes’ for a long-term incumbent. It was a democratic vote with a result that a lot of people (literally a vocal minority, even if not significant) don’t like. If #Remain had won and Brexiters called for a second election, they’d be howled down as democracy-hating sore losers, which sadly is what most Remainers have become.

You can hate the result but there is a reason that it happened. The solution is to understand it and work to correct the concerns who voted #Brexit. You can’t purport to take your bat and ball and go home just because the result is contrary to your political beliefs. If you’re calling for a second vote or for the goal posts to be shifted to accommodate your view, you are anti-democracy.

In many ways, it’s like the reaction to Donald Trump’s rise in the US. Yes, it may be concerning for some that a man with German heritage, blond hair and blue eyes campaigning on an anti-immigration, nationalist and pro-working class platform is within a bee’s phallus of being leader of the world’s greatest superpower. The reality his views are resonating with these people for a reason and writing these supporters off as uneducated, racist and stupid will do nothing to halt his ascendancy.

If you don’t like the #Brexit result, don’t do what the majority of the wrong left do and cover your ears and cry poor. It will not bring the UK back to the EU.