Are you being Catfished?

Are you being Catfished?

In this day and age it’s not uncommon for love to start online. Sometimes you might even find an exotic lover overseas. Unfortunately, many lonely people looking for love online are catfished – drawn into fictional romances online and exploited. 

For some the losses are emotional or financial. Others find themselves being mailed back to relatives in several FedEx boxes from Nigeria. Which they’ve paid for.

Here are some signs you are being catfished.

  1. They live interstate or overseas. Yes there are legitimate relationships that form this way but ideally you try to hook up with people you might one day be able to meet. 
  2. They make excuses not to meet up. One of the great things about falling in love is meeting people. It should not be hard to do. If you suggest catching up and they can’t because their mother’s new boyfriend’s pet lizard needs an urgent ride to the vet it should send alarm bells ringing.
  3. They ask for money. You should not be giving any cash to someone you’ve never met. A $50 bus ticket perhaps if you’re buying them the ticket. If they’re building you up then asking for cash odds are it isn’t to pay their ex wife out so the hold on their passport is lifted so they can finally flee their oppressive Botswana village elders to meet you. They just want to rip you off.
  4. They’re objectively more attractive than you. The reality is if you’re a slightly overweight 60 year old man, odds are someone you link up with online will be a paunchy 50 something woman. If you’re a middle aged woman, an athletic, handsome 20 something is not likely to ditch his steady stream of local chicas to hook up with you. Odds are they’re fake or just fleecing you.

Catfishing is a cruel and sadly increasingly common practice. So, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.