Signs you helped Trump win

Signs you helped Trump win

Yes, yes we get it. It’s nearly unbelievable that Donald Trump has shuffled over from The Apprentice to the Oval Office and is now dropping bombs on Syrian airfields. 

Yes, he got there despite rambling defensive rhetoric in the debates and inflammatory comments about Mexicans and Muslims.

But he’s there. There’s no use throwing the toys out of the cot and having a sook about it for the next four to eight years. He got there for a reason. Here are some signs you helped Trump get in.

  1. You refuse to engage in debate. If you’re completely sold on your point of view on a topic, whether it be guns, migration, abortion or climate change, you must be able to back up your stance in an argument. If you refuse to engage you are passing up an opportunity to win someone over.
  2. You block people on social media because of their political views. If you isolate yourself from the opinions of others it can’t be that much of a surprise that you missed what was coming and failed to do anything that might have stopped it.
  3. You never questioned Hilary’s nomination. Hillary was one of the most scandal plagued presidential candidates in recent memory and yet when documents emerged showing the members of the DNC effectively white anted Bernie Sanders, there was barely a mention in the mainstream press after a few days. In normal circumstances this would have led to a massive outcry but people just went along with it.
  4. You write off all Trump voters as uneducated bigots. Yes, some probably are this. Some are just decent working class people who want someone to show an interest in their future.

So if you’re guilty of the above, you’ve helped create the conditions that got him in. 

If you think his presidency is as bad as you thought it would be you have about three years to open your mind to the other half’s perspective and learn how to have a civil debate. Otherwise you’re in a for a lot more!